What we make:

  • Rear storm/dust covers with zips as standard

  • Side covers for floats, goosenecks and trucks

  • Your choice of trim at no extra cost

  • Fly screens can be added to side and rear covers

  • Horse float Padding

  • Fully enclosed side or rear annexes customised to your needs

  • Awnings

  • Show/Privacy doors for all floats and trucks

  • Spare wheel covers

  • Generator and Airconditioner covers for trucks and goosenecks

  • Team penning collars

  • We make many other items in PVC vinyl from Vegetable processing conveyor joiners to cows for mechanical cow machines.

Give us a call or send us an email we are happy to assist if we can.


Make your float or truck stand out from the rest with matching trim on your covers and your float.